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“They’ve got a red carpet!”

Nothing officiates an occasion more than a plush, deep red carpet. Impressions matter, so if you’re planning an opening night, product launch or corporate function, you’ll be sure to generate favourable impressions with a red carpet.

While buying a red carpet is a good idea for anyone anticipating hosting dozens of events within any given year, hiring a red carpet is usually preferable for most. If you run a marketing firm, reception or corporate events centre, restaurant, hotel or other venue and need to buy a red carpet, why not customise the red carpet with your logo? Red carpets can also be custom designed according to your floor plan or other sizing requirements.

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When it comes to hiring a red carpet, go local. The last thing you want are delays in delivery times or difficulties finding a replacement carpet if the one you ordered becomes soiled due to bad weather or some other mishap. Look for an events and party hire group who have been in the business a while; look at what they can provide, and ask for references or ask them to cite examples of past work or other clients.

If you’re going to get a red carpet, make sure it is of high quality. A cheap and nasty red carpet will do more harm than good and you’d be better not having one if it were of inferior quality. Deeper but not darker reds look best. Nothing says ‘grand entrance’ better, and your special occasion deserves nothing less!